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Here is where you can find amateur radio books to read on your Kindle Reader.  WA3WSJ Wutz Publishing offers unique communication books to the ham radio community. The books offered are all written by Ed Breneiser, WA3WSJ.  Most of the books have an outdoor flavor to them and are an easy read.  I hope you enjoy the books!

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This book is packed with 300 pages of information on how to operate a portable ham radio station from almost anywhere on earth!  Take a look at the contents as it tells all.
Chapter  1You and the Great Outdoors
Chapter  2Radios for the Great Outdoors
Chapter  3Antennas for the Great Outdoors
Chapter  4Radio Power Sources
Chapter  5Portable vs. Backpack Operation
Chapter  6Places to Operate a Portable Station
Chapter  7      DX Portable Operation
Chapter  8      Hiking Equipment for the Ham
Chapter  9Places to Hike and Operate
Chapter 10     Hiking the Appalachian Trail
Chapter 11     Outdoor & Ham Radio Links
Chapter 12     Pedestrian Mobile Operation
Chapter 13     Digital Modes Portable Operation
Chapter 14     Outdoor Safety
Chapter 15     Final Thoughts
This book is packed with 187 pages of information on how to design, build and operate a pedestrian mobile ham radio station from almost anywhere on the planet!  Take a look at the contents as it tells all.
Chapter 1     Early Pedestrian Mobile
Chapter 2     Why Operate Pedestrian Mobile?
Chapter 3     Pedestrian Mobile Mount Systems
Chapter 4     Pedestrian Mobile Radios
Chapter 5     Antennas
Chapter 6     Counterpoise Wire/Radiation Patterns
Chapter 7     Automatic Antenna Tuners
Chapter 8     Batteries etc.
Chapter 9     Pedestrian Mobile Operating Modes
Chapter 10   Keys, Paddles etc for PM Operation
Chapter 11   Logging
Chapter 12   Military Surplus Stuff
Chapter 13   Amateur Radio Spotting Networks
Chapter 14   Pedestrian Mobile Hazards and Safety
Chapter 15   Connecting the Dots
Chapter 16   Reference Tables etc.

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This book is packed with almost 150 pages of stories. Yes, Paul Signorelli, W0RW, has been operating pedestrian mobile since the 50's!  This book has almost every story he has written up to 2011. He also describes how to operate some military radios in the field.  Paul has operated as W0RW/pm from all over Colorado and even from a volcano!  This eBook contains almost fifty stories from Paul some with mountain summits, bears, snow etc.
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