WA3WSJ's HFpack Power Plant
This battery works wonderful, but I had to add two diodes to drop down the voltage to around 14.7vdc.  This battery will charge up to 16.8vdc so I need the dropping diodes. When I see my voltage at the rig below 14.0Vdc, I simply diconnect the diode kluge I made with anderson power poles. I now can operate for many hours with my Icom 703 Plus and not worry about a dead battery! The Icom 703 Plus can take up to 15.8vdc as an input voltage.  If your rig needs a lower voltage, try this 13.2vdc Li-ion battery.

I have operated with this battery all day and still haven't killed the thing! But, cold weather will drastically drop the battery capacity.

I buy most of my batteries from batteryspace.com

Don't bother trying to use the 13.2v regulator as it has lots of RFI.

I have replaced the connector that came with the battery with Anderson Power Pole Connectors.

I bought the charger with the battery. I would buy the proper charger for whatever battery you buy from this site.

Especially if you use Li-ion batteries!