PRC-319 Manpack Radio

The PRC-319 was built by MEL (Mullard Electronics Ltd) for the UK Ministry of Defense (MOD) around 1988. MEL was a Philips subsidiary and was later sold to Thales. Support for MEL equipment has been discontinued.

PRC-319 Manpack Radio description:
This radio was primarily used by special operations units in Britain, Australia, and New Zealand. It was built my M.E.L. in the U.K. Included is an Electronic Message Unit, which is a small keyboard that allows transmission of data.

* It is an all solid state, 1.5 MHz to 40 MHz, Transceiver   
   w/automatic antenna tuner.
* Power levels are selectable at 5W or 50W; Modes are CW or SSB         USB only - USB voice mode uses 'The Third Method' to generate        single sideband or Data
* Stability is better than +/- 0.5 ppm, -31C to +55C and is NTIA  
* The radio is sealed and will withstand immersion in 6 feet of  

Pack weight is 20 pounds with small NiCad 1.2 AH or with a LiIon pack attached, It is 25 pounds with 4 AH NiCad battery pack. It has a 10 channel receive and 10 channel transmit (Fixed frequency operation only) memory. It has no frequency dial or up/down buttons to 'tune' around. You may use the specific frequencies dedicated by the HFpack group. They are 28327.5, 21437.5, *18157.5, *14342.5, 7296.0, 5371.5, and 3996.0 kHz. Go to for more info. (*Main Channels).

It uses a direct conversion receiver, (which has no local oscillator to give away your location or operational frequency). The designers thought that was necessary for low probability of detection and low probability of intercept.

The Antenna Tuner (BA-1303), which clips on top of the radio, tunes within 250 milliseconds, (It is like the LDG Z-11 automatic tuner) and uses latching relays for zero power consumption after it is tuned. It has a Tuner Extender (BA-1305) for using a whip below 4 MHz. The satchel (Backpack) has a slot to carry an 8 foot segmented collapsible whip.

The set is specified for a range of 20 km when using the whip antenna or 1000 km when using a wire antenna. An automatic antenna tuner (TURF) allows most types of antennas to be used. For frequencies below 4 MHz and additional antenna unit (TURF Extender) is required.

UK/PRC 319 - Special Forces and STA Patrol man-portable, patrol level radio HF / VHF, Half-duplex transceiver, which was built in the United Kingdom by MEL. Features include key-pad entry of frequency, mode and data with digital LCD display; 10 pairs of pre-programmable channels; half-duplex operation with the option of transmitting and receiving on different channels; the option of using a removable pocket sized electronic message unit (EMU) to transmit and receive short data communications; fully automatic antenna tuner which can be remoted up to 50m from the set using standard co-ax cable; Self test facility. power output is 50 watts PEP on high power setting with an adjustable low power of 2-5 watts. Frequency range is 1.5-40 MHz allowing short range VHF communications overlap with the other clansman series radios on the higher frequencies.