WA3WSJ's KX2 HFpack
I operate mainly as a pedestrian mobile station about ninty percent of the time. This year, 2016, I'm going on a NPOTA Utah Trip so I needed a rig that is small, lightweight and easy to operate. I need to redesign my HFpack so it is much smaller and much easier to pack for a plane trip. The Elecraft KX2 seemed like the perfect radio. 
The first problem I have to solve is no remote control head.  Well, the KX2 is small and light enough to mount on some type of belt, but what belt and how to mount it to a belt?

The name of the belt is the Deluxe Duty Belt and it's model # 4112 at a price of $14.95 so It won't break the budget!

I also use my ALICE Frame with my KX2 and it works great!
KX2 pm Mountpm mount parts90 bracket on KX290 bracketsCoil AssemblyLeft ant. support 2 pieces 
Miiddle antenna top 4 pieces
Right- coil assemblyBNC Assemly on Ferrite Clamp
KX2 PM Mount & Antenna
KX2 HT on AT 1st Time 6/14/2016
Trail up to Pulpit RockView from Pulpit Rock
  WA3WSJ/pm goes Tribal
KX2 My CW Interface
Built this CW Interface for $3.50CW Interface from N3FJP Website
After a look on the internet, I found the perfect belt for me at Army Surplus World. The belt a good quality belt.  The deluxe duty belt is ballistic nylon. The deluxe duty belt is fade and scratch resistant. The deluxe duty belt is weatherproof and washable. The deluxe duty belt is GSA Compliant and is  2" Wide.