Elecraft KX1 HT
I love to hike the AT and activate SOTA Summits. I built my Elecraft KX1 and have used it for hiking, but the idea came to me to use it as an HT.  I could drop the weight and volume of coax and a larger antenna. It's small and lightweight so why not? 

I needed a few things for my KX1 HT:

1- Internal battery ( 11.8V @ 1.5AH Li-ion battery placed in battery holder)
2- Telescopic antenna - (MFJ-1820T 20m telescopic antenna)
3- attached paddle - ( small switch Mouser Part Number 688SSCF210300)
4- 15 foot counterpoise wire

KX1 Mini Paddle SideKX1 Mini Paddle TopKX1 Mini Paddle SideW0RW' NUE-PSK PaddleN3SW KX1 HT & 15' Counterpoise
Mini Paddle
Li-ion 1.5AH Battery and Protection
Li-ion Battery