WA3WSJ's HFpack Technical Stuff
Please take a look at how all the different pieces work together to make this an excellent HFpack for the trail, beach etc.

My HFpack consists of:


Elecraft KX2 Radio

BuddieStick Antenna

Kulikov Top Whip

Counterpoise 15-Foot Drag Wire

HFpack Modifications

01/20/2012:  Replaced 12V/10ah SLA Battery ~ 9lbs with Li-ion 14.8V/7.2ah battery ~ 1.5lbs  ----- Net 7.7lbs loss

01/20/2012:  Removed bottom shelf ---- Net .5lb loss

02/21/2012: Replaced fanny pack with Army NSN # 8465-01-019-9102 Pack ---- Net 2.0lbs gain

08/01/2013: Top three sections of Collapsible whip replaced with tape measure sections - zero net weight change

07/09/2017  Replaced Icom 703 Plus with Elecraft KX2 - dropped around 2 lbs

03/22/2017  Replaced tape measure whip with Kulikov whip - zero weight savings

BuddieStick CoilQuick DisconnectAntenna  Mirror MountKludge - 2 Si diodes drop 1.4vdc - Battery charges up to 16.8vdc. I remove kludge when bat Vdc drops to 14.00vdc. Not very often -hi!