Welcome to the GORC Trail Awards Program.  This program encourges all amateurs to operate from a trail.  All you have to do is operate from five trails anywhere in the world and this award is yours!

You must operate from five different trails to obtain this award.  You may operate any power and mode you like, but a QRP Endorsement will be placed on the award if operation is 100 percent QRP. QRP operation shall be defined as 5W or less any mode.

The award also has endorsements for CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 etc. To obtain a mode specific endorsement, you will need a qso from five trails while operating on that mode.

This award will be numbered and all endorsements and trails will be noted on the award.

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GORC Trail Award $5.00
GORC Trail Award $5.00
If using PayPal, just submit log with PayPal payment. If sending payment through mail, please send to:

Edward R. Breneiser
775 Moonflower Ave.
Reading, PA  19606-3447

Note - No Western Union M.O.
This award will have endorsements for every ten trails put on the air after the first five.  So endorsements will be sent to any op who makes a qso at 15 trails, 25 trails, 35 trails, then 50 trails and finally 100 trails. At 100 trails a special GORC Trail Century Award will be awarded. Again no qsl cards needed, just a copy of your log QSOs. Also any op who makes all contacts  pedestrian mobile will have the above graphic added to their award. The number will indicate how many trails put on the air as Pedestrian Mobile. All contacts must be made  6/6/2009 or later.

Please note: All trails that run through multiple states etc may now be claimed for credit in each state.
Example: AT-PA, AT-NJ, AT-NY etc.

Pedestrian Mobile
To apply for this award please fill out the application form and send to WA3WSJ.